Sproutling’s Wearable Baby Monitor

As a parent, wouldn’t you like to know if your baby’s body temperature changes significantly or if the humidity in the slumber room goes up?

Sproutling, a San Francisco based startup, is developing a new baby monitor that not only helps parents keep track of their babies’ vitals but also uses the data it collects to help them make smart decisions. According to the company, Sproutling aims to “grow your parent IQ through tools that seamlessly fit your life, and provide real time, trustworthy insights about your child”.  Sproutling’s product includes a small, kidney-shaped Bluetooth-enabled device that slips onto a baby’s ankle, a base station and a small camera that can detect the heart and breathing rates of the baby as well as the temperature and humidity in the room. All the data is gathered, crunched and presented through a smartphone app. The app will also be able to turn the analytics into predictions, like forecasting when your child will wake up from a nap. The app can even send text or email alerts when your baby actually does wake up. The wearable device and the camera were designed by the same team that developed the famous Bugaboo baby strollers. Though the company’s initial offering is targeted towards infants, in the future Sproutling aims to develop solutions for older children (location tracker perhaps?).


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