Product News

15, Apr 2013 - Fisiosonic... Read more »
15, Apr 2013 - In a world first, a Singapore scientist and his team have developed a chip which can detect up to 70,000 different viruses and bacteria in one test.... Read more »
08, Apr 2013 - Technical Parameters... Read more »
08, Apr 2013 - If you need to sterilize large volume of water, such as pools and air-conditioning cooling towers, Xeralife Water Decontaminator System offers you a... Read more »
08, Apr 2013 - The days of administering medicinal eye drops after laser eye surgery may be numbered, according to researchers investigating the slow release of... Read more »
08, Apr 2013 -  Any budding Dr. Frankensteins in the house? Here's a robot that's not only good for DIY surgery, it's open-source too.... Read more »
08, Apr 2013 - The doctor is in . . . your pocket. That may soon be a reality for people with a cardiovascular condition. A German company has developed a mobile... Read more »
08, Apr 2013 - E-textile technology has spawned a t-shirt that noninvasively monitors a patient’s vital signs and accurately tracks his or her location inside... Read more »

Event News
Lab Asia 2015 will be hosting around 150 exhibitors from Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK and... Read more »
The long awaited LabAsia 2013, Malaysia's 4th Laboratory and Analytical Equipment, Instrumentation and Services Exhibition and Conference is... Read more »