Product News

03, Oct 2013 - Researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered how plants set the angles of their branches.... Read more »
03, Oct 2013 - Taking several pills for one condition is an undesirable but necessary scenario for many, but a new study has shown people are much more likely to... Read more »
30, Sep 2013 - Moticon, a German company, is developing the world’s first fully integrated and wireless sensor insole called OpenGo. The OpenGo insole can be... Read more »
23, Sep 2013 - MED8 Flow Regulator provides precise flow controls during infusion.... Read more »
23, Sep 2013 - MED8 I.V. Catheter offers a complete range from 14G to 26G. This is further complemented by its extensive product offerings to suit the preference of... Read more »
16, Sep 2013 - Elderly folks are prone to falls that can result in hip fractures and other injuries. There are a number of reasons for this age related risk,... Read more »
16, Sep 2013 - The Altair Robotics Lab at University of Verona, Italy has developed and is making available its Xron (pronounced qi ron) surgical simulator. The... Read more »
09, Sep 2013 - Scalar energy is a stationery and neutral energy field that helps the body to naturally rejuvenate, restore its vitality and heal when exposed to it.... Read more »

Event News
Lab Asia 2015 will be hosting around 150 exhibitors from Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK and... Read more »
The long awaited LabAsia 2013, Malaysia's 4th Laboratory and Analytical Equipment, Instrumentation and Services Exhibition and Conference is... Read more »