Product News

09, Sep 2013 - Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, and is caused by wear and tear of protective joint cartilage over time. While there is no... Read more »
09, Sep 2013 - KUALA LUMPURL Malaysia’s industry leader BP Healthcare Group is looking to expand its referral base as a new source of growth following the very... Read more »
02, Sep 2013 - Designers Park Bomin, Jung Sumi, and Chu Yeunho have imagined a Red Dot Design award-winning concept for improving the common medical glove. The... Read more »
02, Sep 2013 - Tuberculosis is a contagious, potentially lethal disease that is said to have infected one-third of the world’s population in its latent form.... Read more »
02, Sep 2013 - Testing for albumin in urine is an important part of assessing the health of kidneys, especially in diabetic patients. This can be a daily process in... Read more »
02, Sep 2013 - Raising a child is a stressful venture into the realm of trial-by-error that could leave parents wondering if they are doing an adequate job. Among... Read more »
02, Sep 2013 - Optogenetics is a very recent and powerful tool for researchers and biomedical engineers working in the field of neuro-stimulation.  By applying... Read more »
26, Aug 2013 - Innovated for superior care... The M700 is a revolutionary solution, developed after rigorous research and development to meet the demands of... Read more »

Event News
Lab Asia 2015 will be hosting around 150 exhibitors from Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK and... Read more »
The long awaited LabAsia 2013, Malaysia's 4th Laboratory and Analytical Equipment, Instrumentation and Services Exhibition and Conference is... Read more »