Atmos - Thoracic drainage systems

Experience the next generation of ATMOS thoracic drainage systems!

With the new systems ATMOS S 201 Thorax and ATMOS E 201 Thorax thoracic drainage has come to the present.

When Dr. Gotthard Bülau described continuous drainage with underpressure development in 1891, he brought surgery in the open pleural space a decisive step forward. For the first time, it was possible to restore the physiological underpressure in the pleural space again after surgery and maintain it. The „Bülau drainage“ which is named after him is still used worldwide today in a largely unchanged form and ensures that drainage can generally be ended in patients
post pleural surgery after one or two weeks.
Thoracic drainage of today with the
disadvantages of yesterday. Even though
the technical advancements moved forward
rapidly in just about all other areas of the operating room, intensive care and care wards, thoracic drainage frequently still utilises a technology which is comparable to that of 100 years ago - with all the disadvantages which are connected to it from today‘s perspective:

  • Unnecessarily long bed occupation times
    of the patients
  • High care effort
  • Risk during transport within the hospital
  • High costs through material consumption
  • Missing alarm function in the event of
    malfunction, and a lot more.

    Innovation² - ATMOS technology for the patients of the 21st century

    Just as – for instance – the automobile industry combines proven things with innovative technology - who would still buy a car without an airbag today? – ATMOS has linked thoracic drainage to the technology of the 21st century, to the benefit of all people who participate in the therapeutic success. The drainage systems ATMOS S 201 Thorax and E 201 Thorax offer technical innovations. The resulting
    advantages speak for themselves:
  • Avoidance of unnecessary risks for
  • Massive reduction of the care effort
  • Lowered material and treatment
  • Optimised therapy monitoring
  • Simplest handling




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