SYG: PVC Compound for Medical and Regulated Industries

We provide a wide range of alternative plasticized compounds for customers that require specific plasticizers and various physical properties especially for non-phthalate requirement.

Currently, we provide three range of plasticizer content compounds which meet different requirements

ii) VT-PF SERIES (Non-Phthalate as per REACH compliance)
iii) VT-TP-SERIES (Non-Phthalate)
We also provide a variety of hardnesses/colours for x-ray opaque applications in the production of catheters or strips.
3.Rigid PVC
For Rigid PVC compound, we offer hardnesses above 35 shore D for injection, extrusion and blow moulding of medical device.
4.Flexible PVC
We offer flexible PVC compound from 40 to 90 shore A hardness.Our Highflex series from 40 to 65 shore A hardness is ideal to replace silicon rubber for high resilient and flexible product application.
5.Frosty/Matt Surface
Our frosty formulation vinyl compound comes with good anti-blocking, low gloss, low friction surface without compromising on production rates as compared to the traditional cold-die techniques, which can result in a reduction in production rate by as much as 20%.

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