Hitech:HyKleen the Peracetic Acid Solutions

What is it?
Peracetic Acid (PAA) is a highly effective biocide, used in wide range of applications. It uses are continually increasing as standards for disinfection and enviromental legislation become more demanding. PAA breaks down quickly in the environment into harmless by-products; water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

-Cleaning and strellization for dialyzer reprocessing
-Decalfication and Disinfection for hemodialysis machine
-Disinfection for reverse osmosis system
-Cleaning and Disinfection of distribution piping system

Sterillization & Disinfection

HyKleen is effective against bacterial, fungi, spore, virus and etc even at low temperature. It also effective against organism like yeast or blood exist, HIV, Hepatitis B & C virus.
Cleaning & Decalcification

Hykleen prevents from regenerating by removing organism like biofilms in hemodialysis machine, dialyzer reprocessing unit, reverse osmosis and its parts. It also eliminates the scale of CaCO³ and protein waste.

-Hydrogen Peroxide: 21%
-Peracetic Asid: 5%
-Acetic Acid: 10%
-Inert Ingredient: Balance

Do not expose to direct sunlight and store in original closed container below 24 Celcious. Avoid contacting with combustible materials.
Direction for use

HyKleen is used in disinfecting hemodialysis equiments and sterilizing dialyzers. The usage amount and dilution depend on many kinds of machine. For more information, please contact the local distributor.

10 liter/can


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