New Med-Key Medical Keyboard and Geni-Tec Battery System from Bytec

Bytec Medical, a small medical firm out of Redhill, Surrey, UK, has unveiled a new wireless medical grade keyboard built for infection sensitive environments that features more comfortable buttons, and a new battery pack system that was also designed for ease of use and with universal precautions in mind.

The new third generation Med-Key keyboard, aimed for use by both patients and clinicians, is made of hypo-allergenic silicone rubber, and you can just take it to the sink and give it a bath or shower. When ready, just set it into disinfect mode and all the buttons and touchpad are turned off. The Med-Key can also be programmed to give regular notices to get it cleaned. There’s also a number touchpad on the right side that should be convenient for entering patient data.

The new Geni-Tec battery system features 200 Wh lithium-ion batteries and it safe to wash under water due to the electronics inside making sure the battery terminals are never supplied with current when the battery is disconnected. This is a general purpose battery that can be used on Bytec’s carts, to make otherwise immobile equipment be movable around the clinic or to increase the power capacity of existing systems.


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