Kruess product:Refractometers

A wide range of Refractometers for the Laboratory

Krüss offers six Refractometer options – Digital, Abbe, Process, Digital Handheld and Manual Handheld.

The Series DR6000 Digital Lab Refractometers can be comfortably operated by touchscreen. It has an integrated Peltier thermostat for efficient temperature control, which allows very short measuring times at maximum accuracy.

Digital Abbe Refractometers include the AR2008, a robust unit incorporating electronic data evaluation and an optional temperature-compensation feature.

In addition, the optical design of the AR 4 Abbe refractomer gives accurate measurement of the refractive index, with a very thin layer between the prisms.

The Series PR21 Process Refractometer has been developed for direct insertion into pipes and boilers, and is ideal for process monitoring, control and separation of products in the chemical, beverage, food, pulp and paper as well as sugar industries. The PRB21 is a basic bypass process refractometer which meets all requirements in continuous process monitoring – it is easy to install and covers a large range of industry applications.

Krüss also has a wide range of Digital Handheld Refractometers, including the DR301-95, a large robust digital handheld refractometer, suitable for every day use, the smaller DR201-95 compact digital handheld refractometer and the sturdy, entry level DR101-60 with the same easy handling and fast measuring results as the two other digital handheld refractometers.

The HR series Manual Handheld Refractometers have been designed for quick daily application, and are delivered complete with conversion tables and case.

LabGuide software (optional) ensures it is easy for the technician to store and retrieve records, carry out measuring processes and check values. The program includes a secure user management feature, whereby each user is assigned to a group through which they will be assigned access rights. All actions are recorded in an audit trail, according to the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. In addition, the user may set up and manage their own measuring methods with product specific marginal values. LabGuide is the result of collaboration between Krüss Optronic and iCD GmbH on behalf of Laboratory Information/Management-Systems (LIMS) LABS/Q.

Refractometer Accessories include the AR15 Flow-through cell with funnel is an upgrade for the AR4 and AR2008, as is the AR16.

Refractometer calibration solutions include RI34 calibration solution 1.3400 nD (5 %Brix), RI39 calibration solution 1.3900 nD (35 %Brix), RI43 calibration solution 1.4300 nD (55 %Brix), RI48 calibration solution 1.4800 nD (76 %Brix), and RI65 calibration solution 1.6500 nD. All bottles contain 30cc, and are supplied with a certificate.

For prices and availability information on Refractometers for the Laboratory, please contact your nearest Krüss distributor, who will be delighted to help.


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