DIKMA:GC Guard Columns

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Intermediate Polarity Deactivated)
• Use in a wide variety of applications
• Allow most common solvents

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Polar Deactivated)
• Provide optimum wettability for polar compounds
• Minimize peak splitting and peak tailing when using polar solvents such as water or methanol
• Polyethylene glycol deactivation used for DM-Wax, DM-225 and DM-2330

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Water Resistant Deactivated)
• High-density surface deactivation and excellent water resistance
• Use for purge / trap system, headspace injection, gas concentration analysis and hydrated sample test
• Inertness and water resistance tube connection

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Base Deactivated)
• Excellent inertness for basic compounds
• Use for DM-5 Amine, DM-35 Amine, DM-Wax Amine, DM-Volatile Amine
• Batch test with basic compounds


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