Medigene:Pall AcroPrepTM Advance Filter Plates for Aqueous Filtration

-Fast Processing with Efficient Removal of Particulates
-New well geometry – Results in faster, more uniform filtration rates across the plate with reduced hold-up volume.
-New outlet tip geometry – Provides direct flow of samples into receiver plate without concerns of cross contamination.
-Efficient particulate removal – A range of membranes and pore sizes ensures optimal processing of particulate-laden samples.
-Automation compatible – Manufactured in accordance with SBS guidelines, allowing plates to be run in manual, semi-automated and automated processes.
-Easy identification – Allows for labelling on the smooth top surface and textured window, as well as provides easy usage orientation through the A1 corner notch.

-General sample prep
-Gross fractionation
-Cell harvesting
-Cell-based assays


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